Asian Wedding Videography & cinematography

M Video Art is a video production company specialized in Asian wedding videography with over 13 years of experience.
For us your wedding is about capturing the moment as it happens. Capturing every moment of your big day to your expectation and satisfaction is key to our work. We like to take the time to get to know you. We like to know whether your wedding is an intimate affair or a large celebration. We like to know about your choice of venue, the service, music and other details that you have organised for your big day. All the details that make it unique. Most importantly, your wedding film will be individual, unique and tailor-made to suit you.
After all, it’s all about you…

Wedding Of Shaun & Monika

Pre Shoot

Pavan's 21st Birthday Party

Shaun & Monika Pre Shoot

Jagdeep’s Maiyan Ceremony 

Engagement Highlight of Shaun & Monika

Happy 50th Birthday of Sukhdev 

Happy 21st Birthday of Natisha

Happy 18th Birthday Of Jessy

Happy 1st Birthday of Jeevanjot

Gaurav & Neera  - Civil Wedding & Engagement Ceremony

<title>sikh wedding videography in Leicester</title>

TEASER…..Ahmed & Nabeela

<title>Muslim wedding videography in Leicester</title>

Aman + Sukh - Sikh Wedding

Ishtiaq + Arusa - Muslim wedding Highlight

 Chanda Hai Tu

Ishtiaq & Arusa - Muslim wedding photography

Ranjodh + Rita TEASER

Karrenjit + Sumandeep - Sikh wedding

Wedding TEASER

Behind the Scene

Jodhan's 21st Birthday Party Video Highlight

Cradle Ceremony Of Sujay

Relax in 5 Min

Baby Shower Ceremony

Coming Soon

Rumana + Ruhel - Muslim wedding video Nottingham

Rohit + Jhanvi - Hindu wedding